Spellforce 2 Master of War (Cardgame)
This game is the complete digitlat rework of the Cardgame wich was  included in 2006 in the Spellforce 2 Collectors Edition. Is  aviable for Windows PC (XP Sp3 - Win 10 .net 2.0) and for Android 4.1.2++!

Game Features:

 - 2 complete playable sides (Bund and Clan)
- over 10 Spell-Cards
- over 28 different Unit-Cards
- Playing a Game vs. the KI
- Playing a Game vs. a Human on one PC
- Playing a Game vs. a Human on Lan
- Playing a Game vs. a Human on the Internet
- Fight and Action-Animations
- optimized for 720p
- Sound & Music Events
- RPG Level/Rank System
- Online Voice Technolegy


Rank & RPG System
In Spellforce 2 - Master of War you can level up by defeating your enemys on the battlefield. You can earn Medals from Rank 1 (beginner) up to the most awesome rank of all, Master of War (30)! Earn over 30 medals in Multiplayer against other players and make your war to the top. The RPG-System aus available for lokal and online matches.

Real animated Event-Movies
Spellforce 2 - Master of War gives you fully animated cutscenes for fights and game-events. Every animation is taken from the original Spellforce 2. So that every fight and event gives you the feeling of the original Spellforce 2.

Local and Online-Multiplayer
In Spellforce 2 - Master of War you are able to play against other player localy over LAN or Online. No fear of evil players. Forced Game-Disconnects and bad behavor will be punished for a good game experience for everyone.