Spellforce 2 - Master of War

The legendary Card-Game from the Collectors Edition of 2006, now finally for PC and Android! Play against the NPC, another Player or Online. Over 34 different Cards, with over 28 Units and more than 10 Spell-Cards. Over 40h of tactical based gameplay waits for you.

2 complete playable sides (Bund and Clan)

Play with more than 34 different cards which include the whole fraction the Bund (Human, Elves and Dwarfs) and the Clan (Orcs, trolls and Babarians)

Fight and Action-Animations

Every battle and event is fully animated with original in game graphic from the Game Spellforce 2

RPG Level/Rank System

In Spellforce 2 - Master of War you will be able to earn up to 30 medals to show your rank. from the bloody beginner up to the legendary Master of War you will be able to rise throw your victory and destroyed enemys.

Sound & Music Events

Included with the original Soundtrack of Spellforce 2 all your battles will get a new feeling

Become the Master of War

Get the game now for free and become the master of tactic and war.

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Do you have what it needs to become the Master of War?

Take the challenge and fight the world!

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Defend your Side or you will be killed.

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Setup your army and order your front lines.

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Use powerful spell to power your army up.

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Send your troops into the battle and fight your enemy.